31 March… Around the World with Music

How do you normally ask what type of music your friends want to listen to?

For me, the standard question is “Pick a language.”

My iTunes, CDs, and phone are filled with foreign music.

These are the foreign languages that I listen to and the songs that introduced me to each languages:

English: Britney Spears – Oops!… I Did It Again. That’s right, my intro to English was by Britney.

French: Indila – Danse Derniere.

Italian: Annalisa – Tra Due Minuti e Primavera

Japanese: Kanon Wakeshima – Still Doll. Just so you know, this song sounds pretty dark and wicked.

Korean: Taeyang – Wedding Dress. Down the rabbit’s hole I go, the starting point of my obsession with K-Pop.

Russian: Полина Гагарина – Спектакль окончен. Artist: Polina Gagarina, title: I don’t want to butcher the translations 😉 One of my favorite all time artist. And not just because my Russian name is also Polina.

You should definitely check out these songs if you want to expand your music library. You’ll never know, you might like some or all of them.

Let me know if you like any of the songs above and any suggestions for songs you like as well. 😀


With Love



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